EVA Foam Roller - 36x6 inch Full Round Massaging - ASIN: B00I23Y698

Fabricante: Rubberbanditz
Referencia del fabricante: FR-36x6
Dimensiones del producto: 1.097,3 cm x 243,8 cm x 243,8 cm; 1 Kg
Peso del envío: 721 g
ASIN: B00I23Y698
Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon: 23.435

Detalles técnicos
Our high quality eco-friendly EVA foam rollers are firm, durable and textured for deep tissue massage. These exercise foam rollers are excellent for easing joint pain and soreness while improving balance, flexibility, posture and stabilization.
Perfect for spinal alignment using back roller foam to massage latissimus dorsi and relieving muscle tightness using balanced body foam rolling techniques. High density foam roller retains circular shape.
All sizes are lightweight and durable with 2 lbs per cubic foot density and smooth polyethylene foam technology designed for precision massaging. Rated 20-30% firmer than most light weight foam rollers.
Foam roller measures 36" x 6", full round. Color: Blue
This product ships within 2 business days from North Carolina, USA. All fees and taxes due to foreign import/export regulations will be your responsibility upon receiving the product.

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*** AMAZON EVA Foam Roller - 36x6 inch Full Round Massaging - Foam Rollers for Muscles and Spine. Ideal Muscle Roller Foam for Physical Therapy and CrossFit Myofasical Release Training. 100% Satisfaction Warranty Included.
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