Difeel Organic Olive Essential Nutrients Body Lotion 16oz / By:roy padrick

Our olive body lotion is formulated with organic olive oil that promote the skin to hold in moisture and restore vital nutrients. Our olive oil is great to moisturize, heal and condition all skin types. The essential oil is rich with active phytonutrients and powerful antioxidants to neutralize damaging free radicals, increase moisture retention and treat the many signs of aging. Certified organic sunflower oil and shea butter nourish the skin to prevent dehydration and restore elasticity. Our unique organic berry extract complex is packed with antioxidant compounds to rejuvenate for a youthful, healthy glow.

4.0 / out of 5based on 1 customer review ratings

Certified organic ingredients used for this product are good for your skin and good the environment.

No artificial coloring.


Moisturizes the skin.

Minimizes pores.


One comment

  1. LoveToShop "Lee-Lee" says:

    Ordered the hand and the body lotion and they both are the best. The scent smells really clean and fresh. Will order again and do recommend to all.

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