Stiefel Fisiogel A.i ® Hypoallergenic Cream 30 G Preferential:25% By:Karen Landry

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,Active ingredient
,Palmitoyl Ethanol Amide (PEA)
,Relieves dry and sensitive skin condition.

Relieves itchiness and redness in dry, sensitive skin.1

Directions of use
Apply twice daily (or as often as needed).
Massage gently into skin.
For external use only.

Suitable for
Suitable for eczema and dry, sensitive skin condition.

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Fisiogel TM A.I. Cream contains PEA, repeving itchiness and redness in dry, sensitive skin.

Unique Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) base contains natural ppids that mimics those found in the epidermis and therefore regenerates the skin ppid barrier.

DMS base allows PEA to be incorporated into the skin to achieve maximum effect.

No steroid. Non-comedogenic

96% interviewed dermatologists recommend to eczema patients

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One comment

  1. HJ says:

    This is an amazing product that works well with extremely dry, flaky skin. I have tried many moisturizers and made many trips to the Dermatologist and I have had no results until now. I would recommend this product to anyone with red, extremely dry and sensitive skin.

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