Synthol posing oil (Synthrol 877) Pump and Pose 100ml. By:DEREK LEWIS

Synthrol is a muscle site enhancement oil for professional use only.

*External use only.

Safe, sterile,lab prepared and vacuum sealed.

Must be 18+ to purchase.

5.0 / out of 5based on 6 ratings

100 ml. Pump & Pose original formula.

The best internet reviewed posing oil

Painless , sting free apppcation. No painful irritation or swelpng.

Lab prepared,sterile and vacuum sealed.

Can be used on any muscle group.



  1. Teapot Tales says:

    This is THE stuff for a true lover of everything Big and Fake! If you are all for women with giant breast and lips implants, if you brake a muffler on your old Honda Civic to make it sound or if you own a Desert Eagle handgun that has more recoil than you could possibly control, then this Pump’n’Pose stuff is definitely for you!
    Who cares that injecting yourself with this stuff does not actually cause any muscle or strength growth! It just makes you look like an oddly-shaped Thanksgiving Parade balloon, but hey, at least you do not have to do anything to become Bigger than ever. I do not see it as a problem that anyone who has any medical education or who actually worked out even years ago can easily tell your Pump’n’Pose from the actual muscles. Let them have their laugh! Ha-ha-ha! The important thing is that you can almost instantaneously become the Mr. Fake Universe and get those 27-inch arms, although with no proper shape or strength.
    Of course, you can damage some of your major nerves while injecting this stuff (and it is NOT intended for external use, because for its price one could buy a truck of baby oil to use externally). Or, you could accidentally deliver this injection into your lungs, heart or brain. That would be actually deadly. But then again, everything comes with its price. Right?
    BTW, since Pump’n’Pose does not come with an actual manual, for more information please refer to an excellent book called “Death, Drugs, and Muscle”, by Gregg Valentino. You might find it enlightening. And if you do not, then a good talk with a qualified psychiatrist could help you big time.

  2. legendary77 says:

    this my fifth order so far. This products really works. Gains are visible in couple of weeks. No side affects at all concerning the product itself.
    Do not hesitate to order Awesome product!!!!

  3. sorina says:

    sunt foarte multumita de produs si isi face efectul dorit,e tot ceea ce mi-am dorit de la acest produs.e foarte curan o sa pot sa va trimit si poze sa vada toti cei interesati ca nu e o gluma ci un produs de calitate superioara.livrarea si trasportul au fost facute impecabil si o sa mai lucrez cu dumneavoasta.multumesc

  4. zenreflection says:

    This toxic substance is great for when your oil light comes on and you have nothing else handy. For muscle enhancement, I recommend Pennzoil.

  5. BIG Muscle D "Big D" says:

    Have delt with MuscleSuper store for a year — their synthol has been the best – quality- then others I tried– the results have been mind blowing to me and others- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

  6. Rohit says:

    So here I was, sitting alone in an alley, feeling like a chump. I couldn’t get the arm definition that I had hoped for, and my wife was telling me I don’t look enough like a gorilla so she was going to leave me. All the steroids and weeks of lifting didn’t do anything to make me look like a bag of grapes. Then I went on Amazon and found Synthol. This product is wonderful. I simply inject the oil into where I think muscles might go, and voila! I now have flaccid water balloons drooping on my arms and chest. I also injected some into my calves for good measure.

    I came into the gym 2 days later (thanks Amazon Prime!) and everyone dropped their weights and stared in awe. For the price of one month’s gym membership, I got a bottle of Synthol and showed these chumps who’s boss. Who needs to exercise and work out, when you can squirt oil subcutaneously and look exactly like a body builder? I then went home and made sweet gorilla-love to my wife.

    Thank you Synthol!

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