ChapStick 100% Naturals Botanical Medley Lip Balm,.015 oz By:pamela green

ChapStick 100% Naturals Botanical Medley Lip Balm,.015 oz

ChapStick 100% Naturals Botanical Medley moisturizes your lips with a special blend of natural ingredients including:Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojaba BeeswaxChapStick 100% Naturals, a new line of 100% Natural Lip Balms

Product Details

  • Brand: ChapStick
Price: $10.99


  1. Lola R. Davis says:

    I sent it back. They charged me $10.99 for ONE. I thought it was a pack of 2 or 4.
    Very surprised and unhappy.

  2. EMP says:

    I really like this product, and am happy to find it here since I have had trouble finding it in stores – it is all natural, has a nice texture, no strange odor, and works great

  3. INlaw says:

    This is just what I was looking for! After searching all over online for this discontinued chapstick, I FINALLY found it!!

  4. booklass "Homemaker, English grad., passionat... says:

    I wear a lot of lip balm. A LOT of lip balm because I live in Dryland, otherwise known as West Texas. I apply lip balm over and over, all day long. Every time I drink/eat/kiss/lick it off, I reapply. What I want in a lip balm is a product that goes on smoothly, does not react to the sun, keeps my lips moist and smooth, and can be worn under lipsticks. Chapstick 100% Naturals is perfect for this. The product is gentle for my super sensitive face, but tough on dryness. It does not smell bad nor cake up, and it is not overly oily. Just the best lip balm, as far as I am concerned.

  5. C. O'Connor says:

    It does what lip balm in supposed to do: protects and nourishes my lips without feeling gross or sticky or having a stupid flavor or texture. I love it.

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